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Our book, With Stale Bread, You Make Bread Pudding!: My Childhood Among the People and Food of the Virginia Grill Restaurant, is an interesting anacdotal biography intailing Indianapolis, Indiana history, civil rights, immigrant-owned business, first-generation childhood, Paul Vavul, disasters, and Marketing. Illustrated with black and white photos.

Our book, The Mysterious Letter, A New Home, and Awakening to Adventure!: Captivating Stories for Pre-Teens by Awesome Child Authors, contains the winning entries to our 2012 Kid's Writing Challenge/contest. These stories are BY kids and FOR kids.

With our book, A Bird Flew Over...OR, Why I WANT to Keep My Hand Out of My Mouth, YOU CAN save money and suffer fewer sick days!

With our book, 500 CALLS: Missions for YOUR Little Heroes and Heroines, YOU CAN Teach, Engage, Entertain, Satisfy, Play With - Your Child WHILE You - Work, Cook, Clean, Garden, Relax...

Our book, Tales of Victor Lightning: Detetive Stories for Young and Old, was written by a nine year old boy, and received outstanding advance reviews.

Our first book, Pebbles, Blisters, and Handfuls of Sunlight: Treasures of a Traveling Teenager, is a collection of poetry for real life, with illustrations.